An ancient world so much like ours,
From oceans deep to mountain towers.

A land of awe beyond compare,
Blessed by ancients strong and fair.

Once they roamed the world anew,
And lay the seed of order true.

Yet to the stars the ancients left,
Leaving all behind bereft.

Remembered few for what once was,
Revered now by most as gods.

Golden age of brilliant science,
Understanding lost to silence.

When forests stretched and tall they grew,
Was long ago they now are few.

Clearest skies of bluest love,
Have all but gone to dust above.

A dozen tribes did live in peace,
Their noble purpose all but ceased.

Amongst the wastes of red they fight,
The tribes of old have lost their sight.

It’s here in this forgotten realm,
That chronicles the tale of Elm

– J.S.Worth


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