The most divine, they called their home,
that noble place, the land of Gnomn.

The pinnacle of strength and might,
enlightened beacon shone so bright.

For generations spread their dream,
their people proud and cities clean.

As empire spread with open arms,
its neighbours welcomed without qualms.

An age of peace and knowledge bloomed,
a future, prosperous was groomed.

Yet from afar, a siren call,
announced the coming end and fall.

A rival great across the sea,
had set its eyes with greedful glee.

At first a treaty; friends of trade,
but then they reached beyond what bade.

The titans reared and war broke out,
their trashing blows left none in doubt.

If on it went, all would be be scathed,
what still remained must then be saved.

A desperate act to end the war,
to dabble dark and ancient lore.

Their noble birthright’s highest cost,
a shattered empire all but lost.

A sacrifice of all held dear,
wise folk of Gnomn, now monstrous fear.

For vengeance sweet they endless seek,
with hunters fleet they stalk the meek.

The smell of meat drives quickened feet,
forgo all hope if should you meet.

Fulfilled with rage, the savage roam,
abandoned souls, the beasts of Gnomn.

– J.S.Worth


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