Above the clouds of smoke and ash,
beyond the waves of roiling crash.

There sits a man who ponders long,
to reminisce his twilight song.

A burden lays upon his soul,
the weight of wisdom takes its toll.

The last of elemancers old,
to know the truth still left untold.

The years that pass him by are fleet,
for time is not for him to keep.

What matters most does lay beside,
a treasured artefact to hide.

Somewhere beyond the barren land,
still lived a few, will to command.

A power that could spell the end,
this world at last in anguished rend.

The day would come to lay their claim,
on power that could not be tamed.

Until that day he’d keep it near,
guarded by the future seer.

And pass along his knowledge, deep,
to those who honoured truth, to keep.

Till one came forth to light the dark,
a savour born of flesh and bark.

To cleanse the world of strife and fear,
the master felt that day was near.

– J.S.Worth


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