Creepy Woman

I can smell cigars and petrol; a woman walks in and it’s MAD
Shoots the rainbow out my sky; what has she done and who is she?

Her eyes like a moth, always looking at me, skeleton slut obsession with death
Crooked paintings come to mind when they say cancer kills itself

See her in my mirror: a devil on wheels, her van parked in the strangest places
Dogs and children cry as she passes, scary when she’s making the strangest faces

A simple meal of cream with leather; bibles and a gun replacing service and style
Her keratin placement breaks tradition; like a spider on my mouth, no way I can smile

My fingers are shaking; what am I going to do?
Creepy woman, want to unfeel you

Blind to raw reality and I will never know you
Why do you keep on trying, creepy woman?

– Timea Kiss


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