We all know that God exists.
Each of us has seen it at least once in our lifetime.
Some even more.

We live in the forest, our tribe is small, our pride is all.
For we were blessed in his presence,
And when neighboring tribes dared us to war,
We just talked of his glory and they returned to their holes.

Our forest is wide, we forage for food,
There is little of it and no water at all.
But we trust that HE shall provide,
And indeed yes, he comes and bring plenty to all.
But God is demanding, we must abide to his law
For we know not our sins,
And in time we are punished in terrible ways.
The occasional flood, the dome of ridged crusher,
Our city destroyed in part or in whole,
And we build and rebuild and we pray and implore,
We ask for “no more”
And he turns, and is gone.

But if gone for too long…
Our forest turns dry – and we starve.

His vastness apparent, his control in no doubt
But no matter how loudly we shout,
It is clear to our smallest, that our cries are unheard,
And we need and we must
Change our ways.

We observed and recorded every move that he made;
We took testimonies from our eldest, fine queen.
She said “he is immortal” and
“Covered in intricate armor”,
We developed “genetics” and “math”

Frequent destruction brought new architecture;
Starvation made us better at farming,
Drought and flood made us masters of gates, valves and tanks.

We were relentless!
And yet God did come, and all was in shambles.
We needed to talk with our God.
If only we could understand what he wanted!
If only we could reason our cause
We were sure that our generous God
Will give us the peace that we crave.

So we trained!
I was the last of a long line of warriors,
Trained in the killing of monsters on four,
I had, the best armor, the sharpest of weapons
(And our geneticist provided me with the best poison there is).
I was so good in killing the monsters,
One stroke and one heart beat
And they die.

My life task it was, to seek and find God
before God seek and find us,
I will climb on his vastness,
Find a way to converse,
I will succeed!
(Or else?)

It was the harshest of seasons,
No food (water rationed)
We even considered
War on our neighbors…
When god was sighted afar
(And I was sent to my call.)

With the high path prepared,
The journey was fast and assured;
It was now up to me to meet my god.

He was vast beyond measure
I was lucky beyond reason
The dome of destruction was passing by…
I jumped – do or die!

I was climbing, up, and up, and UP
He WAS covered in intricate armor
(The old queen was NOT senile!)
I wiggled in beneath it…
To find my self climbing a carpet of…

I remembered the smell of the monsters I killed;
This was so much like it
And his armor began to contract around me!

I had no choice!
I raised my weapons and brought them down into the flesh beneath me
There was an upheaval that made me pop out of God’s armor and into the air

As I was flying I could hear
(And record in my memory for future generations)
The terrible sound:


As I was flying I could count it’s heart beats from the time of my sting
(it was slowing) I could see (God?) vast form staggering,
I could hear it’s labored breath,

It was Gods’ miracle that as IT fell…
It did not hit our city.
And it’s heart stopped!

As the thunder of the crush subsided,
And I landed safely
I already figured it out,
IT was not immortal
Therefore not God!
This was God’s servant
Sent to help us
In the hour of our greatest need!

I knew what to do!
I took to the top of the tallest tree
And called out:
“God is merciful
God will provide,
Come family and tribe,
Come feast and survive!”

– Yehoshua Aryeh Sapir


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