A King

Hate small talk and scars so I thought you were like me; when I’d come crying you’d happily listen
Smile at me, kiss me, and laugh at me all while you sit by my side like a shadow, no person.

Calling me princess in letters you write me; yell at me when I go somewhere that’s new
Silence for hours; help me understand why you say that you care that I go there without you.

Welcome to the castle of pain and suffering; suck on my emotions like a parasite
There’s no love here; you just want my attention, how you waste my time; everything’s not fine.

I’m so sick; I’m sorry, too honest, your weakness; no way in hell now you’ll join me in bed
Sad, foolish freak who just wants you too much; like a piece of bread drop me, dropping me dead.

Drown in a sea of infinity tear drops; still in denial I cannot let you down

As I receive mine I know you will get yours; the world of a circle, a king with no crown.

– Timea Kiss


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