Guilt Express

I got your message so i saw your face
Knew today it was the end
And the beginning, a life of pure sorrow
Dark houses on hills, forevermore hollow
Nothing is done as you slowly forget me
I can’t hear the singing no more
I cry and i cry but tears do not trade
Two lines intersecting my happiness fades
Woke up this morning like some people don’t
With all brand new ways to taste the loss
A lightless night and a starless sky
Can you hear me now while i look up for signs?
Journey through this nightless city
Get me some patience now help me let go
They say that the universe is inside all of us
I say coffee please, bitter just like my soul
A beautiful girl or a four leaf clover
For one bittersweet moment was you
How can i call you from way down below?

I know that I can’t, darling; you’ll never know.

– Timea Kiss


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