no remorse and no atonement
you kill someone unknown to me
money based religious actions
heard it all before before, so tasty

try to hide your public anger
control and he’s not even sixty
go back to the womb then
you don’t care about the journey

how’s a green frog less deserving
does it matter where I came from
schooled, policed and air conditioned
how long will this go on and on

don’t know your story hardly care
hours sitting looking at a sick face
point your finger; break it off
least i have hope to end this sick race

may falling stars come back to earth
we need your wants to thrive
all about the finished product
you hate yourself from nine to five

my perfect days with shirts and shelter
richness of choice to truly become
overwhelming pins and needles
fear and bliss will make you numb


– Timea Kiss


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