I was alive with you

During these nights
when robbed by nightmares,
seduced under the various
wick of candles,
do I write about you.
Like to think it helps
in letting you go,
under the weight of this hand
wrote how I love you
wrote how I see you
how you drove me to insanity
with a pluck of a nail,
how you made my flame
go pitch getting close to you,
how I wanted to be near you
yet pushed me away into my former umbra.

Noticing my pen grows heavy
and flares with it’s touch.
More ease to scribble the words
to free myself and your spell
over me.
Honestly, you’re a light
when I faded from my candle
bleeding when I’m believing
you’re through with me,
knowing you’re still attached to him.

Screaming, wondering
why I ache over you
a girl I fell for,
where I can’t let my heart out,
spent on drinking misery
thinking I was alive with you.

Whisper in my dreams
and admit what you are to my universe,
truth it was never mine,
you float in yours
hiding me behind a mirror.

Maybe one day you’ll see
how much I wanted to pour
onto you.
One day you’ll realize
I was good enough to be in your life,
instead of being your ghost.
It’s the final time my lips
tell I love you!

– Kyle Garon


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