My Lover is a Lemon

My lover is a lemon,
she goes this way and that.
Her frizzy hair; mismatching socks;
canary-yellow hat.

My lover lives in fantasy,
she doesn’t seem to know.
What should we eat; if corn is sweet;
and much to take in-tow.

My lover is an octopus,
I cannot count her hands.
They’re everywhere and then, they’re not,
as if she understands.

My lover is my closest friend,
with her I can be me.
Against the world, it’s just us two,
I’ve never felt more free.

My lover isn’t anymore,
she let us fall apart.
She took me for a naive fool
and cut away my heart.

My lover may yet love again,
perhaps, but not with me.
I do not know that story yet,
for now, I guess we’ll see.

– J.S.Worth


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