The way I think

I love the way I think
I hate the way I talk
I hate the way I listen at times
though now I hate the way in which I walk
as well
And now that it’s submerged
in submission I become
because inner pain surrounds me outside
too you know and because
of what I am not who I am
do I suffer alone and suffer with Him
do I suffer with Him
I do, and it sickens me at times to know
I’m the valleyway and the ballymote
I am the witchery and the cosmos
I am the sanctity and the rolling roses
I am the deadly twitch upon my own shoulder
and that is all for now I wither
I wither
I wither daily as I fatten myself
with fruits and meats and berries there is no health
where tedium rolls its roses
let me tell you

let me show you

let me pour it out onto you
I am but a biatress in a quarter-sized wrist band
I am but a sanctified dime in a dollar bills way
and I will not bother you anymore

about myself

this is me, yeah so tough. get used to it or get lost.

– RebeccaSue13


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