The champion of Albion,
Who stands for what is right.
Protector of the poor and meek,
And those who cannot fight.

A warrior of great renown,
And worthy of his fame.
His deeds are legends of their own,
And Gogmagog, his name.

His strength is celebrated as,
The hallmark of his clan.
He towers at a dozen feet,
A mountain of a man.

Across the sea there came a force,
From distant lands unknown.
Against the massive foreign fleet,
The giant stood alone.

The slayer, brave Corineus,
Called out the giant brute.
His challenge was a test of strength,
To settle their dispute.

They wrestled on a rocky cliff,
Above the raging sea.
Two heroes of an age ago,
The match of history.

At last, Corineus struck hard,
And stunned him with a blow.
He lifted Gog above his head,
And threw him down below.

And there he lies forevermore,
Upon the blood-stained shore.
Reminder of an ancient time,
And all that came before.

Next time you stand upon the rocks,
And see the coming fog.
Remember sacred Albion,
And mighty Gogmagog.

– J.S.Worth


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