Deep Within

deep within my bosom
only I can

for there it is
it is it

a piece of you
lodged like a pacemaker
making it

oh, there are days
like today
when the sky above me

a sea of papaya and
taro swells swirling
in chantilly creamed clouds

whirling about around
a gaping hole in the

and there jutting out
is a dark brown
triangular piece
of chocolate glazed
layered cake

a chunk of a mountain
deliciously enticing
high in the firmament

but so close that i could
almost reach up there
grab it to hand it
to you for a bite

what a sight!

but that’s when
the pang sets in
on days like this

for you are not here
to sit beside me
to bite into that
cake in the sky
with me

that’s when
my bossom heaves
and i cry

– Kolap


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