of Space, Drugs, Nature, and People

i. Space

journeying through
in a space of a breath or a lifetime
time energy spent feeding raising
offsprings with mother’s sustenance
no time for flowers or fantasies
just part of man’s place and plan in the cosmos
Ecce Homo
reigning over his dominion in all his glory

ii. Drugs

enters the offspring now grown to a renaissance man
fingers splayed click click clicking
obtaining polyvalent knowledge and wisdom
at a fiber optic speed
obsessed, hooked, caffeinated
eyes exorbitant kow-towing
to their liquid crystal idol
vision tunneled flowing into
a world disconnected, disjointed
from his original source

iii. Nature
the earth continues to revolve depleted, exhausted,
thawing, quaking, flooding towards

our very doorstep

most are oblivious, sceptic, recalcitrant,
denying any changes in his environment
they plough on their merry lives, buy, buy, buying
never why’ing their behavior that leads to
nature’s current predicament

voices of those who try get silenced

iv. Blood
our orbs are bleeding, gold and silver,
dripping carmine from above,
crying at the sight of the chaos they see below
a dark knight came and changed it all
like an ominous cloud rolling towards you
heralding a hurricane unfolding
a homicidal wave of skeptical,
suspicious, vicious fanatics
whose views are filled with hatred

dark clouds are approaching

a martyr was born yesterday as those who
try to silence her voice has only amplified it

v. People
the very minute we’re born, the next we’ve started
the process of dying, wired to last only a few decades,
we get to work like ants,
the queen, worker ants and drones
collaborate together in complete synergy
for the good of the colony.

can’t we emulate them?

With Armageddon tapping at our window pane,
the church bell has rung, the time has come
to confront our biggest demon,
our eternal shameless ego.
Let us all go and put out the fire together.

– Rosana Sam


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