Super Guy Returns

Heavens part to spill their seed
and bless the great below,
as thoughts arise to greet in-kind
and join the raging flow.

Voices cry upon the breeze
a sickening choral sound.
Their whispers seek out Super Guy
who splutters, nearly drowned.

They feed him lies with tongues of lead
and spit with flecks of blood.
They lift his form above the dregs
then drag him through the mud.

But Super Guy cannot be felled;
he clings on still to hope.
His Petal-Headed girl afar
will see her handsome dope.

He journeys through the misty plumes
upon a bird of steel.
To ancient lands of swollen silk,
so strange; almost unreal.

The hours pass in faded light
and each betrays its own.
With darkness as his only friend
he ponders all alone.

The future furled before his eyes
has yet to shed its skin.
Those secrets unbeknownst to him
contained somewhere within.

Flowers turn towards the sky;
behold the coming rain.
So close to hear her beating heart
and feel her flesh again.

– J.S.Worth


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