Touch me not

Touch me not with your breath of soot
touch me not for i won’t budge a foot
you cannot change that which is me
you cannot break the rock within me

the winds may howl
the storm may rage
bringing hale, thunder and
showers, lacerate and
stone my head and flesh
tearing my body asunder

but i will stay the course
i can do no other
because within me this ember burns
the more you place obstacles before my path
the more you kindle my sparks into a wildfire
that will light my way on this earth becoming
somber gone astray

mine is not of hatred
mine is of compassion
mine is to lend a hand
to any man seeking shelter and food

even if in the process my hand
could be spat upon or bitten
for mine knows no calculation
but the spirit of providing a listening ear

you need to just follow your heart
then your anguish and fear
will dissipate and disappear

come and join with me to
carry the torch that within you roars
and help me light this darkening world of ours
with hope and joy!

– Rosana Sam


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