Virginal coats dispense pharmacopeia curse
with mirrored images of red rum inverse
pupils fixate on a doppelganger reflection,
a suicide suspect’s frantic insurrection

Weightless, but the anchor defies buoyancy,
tugging hollowed eyes and moral vacancy
salubrious waters exchanged for compromised position,
the assassin departs on the kamikaze mission

Unsanitary thoughts inside chemical Pandora,
halo deviated down the path of Gomorrah
hypnotic clouds, pictorial bird’s eye view,
first-person account of transformation askew

Narcotized feet affixed in quicksand,
amplified voices funnel commands
behind blue eyes lies a martyred soul,
a derelict guinea pig surrendered control

Neurotoxic pins and needles,
strawberry fields infested with beetles
gridlocked in cobwebbed reveries,
a spider muses woeful memories

Milk cartoned ebullience rendered moot,
form-fitting labels like a tailored suit
beyond empty pews of voided faith,
the defeated pulls the trigger to become wraith

– Drew Melton


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