Blood of the Maguine (1)


Chapter 1

“Arghh!” Luke had just woken up from a dream he never meant to have – a monster had eaten his house and destroyed the city. He shook with fear as he tried to remember the details, but his daughter had just woken up too.

Luke glanced at his alarm clock and gasped. It was nine o’clock! He was late! He rapidly got changed and sent his daughter to school. Then he himself bolted to work like lickety split. It was the first day of his new job as a sewer cleaner and he didn’t want to upset his new boss, Mr Tanner.

Just as Luke was about to get there, a teeny tiny rat darted by his feet. Luke was so terrified that he took off his shoe and threw it away.

“Wahahahahaha…” laughed the worker men from down the road.

“You must be the new guy.” chuckled one of the men. “I’m Rory.” he said as he shook Luke’s hand.

“I’m Luke. Luke Warm.”

“Wahahahaha…” the men howled again with laughter.

“Sorry, uh, Luke. You must be very scared of rats. Well… the bad news is our first task today is to clear a colony of rats from the sewers.” said Rory.

“You’d better toughen up, Warm.” another man said.

Chapter 2

After a mundane training session from the grumpy Mr Tanner, Luke found himself in the sewers with the other men. It was a fetid cesspool of rats and bugs, feasting off themselves and the slime that stuck to the walls.

“Yuck!” complained Luke as he sucked up the rats with a rat vacuum. “This place is a mess!”

“Don’t worry.” Replied Rory helpfully. “We’ve already sucked up most of the ratties. I think we have just a thousand more to go.”

“We’ve only been working for thirty minutes, newbie. Stop moaning!” yelled Bob.

“Quiet” hissed Rory with a scowl.

Suddenly, a loud hissing sound echoed through the sewers. It sounded like sewer snakes, thought Luke.

“What is that, a snake?” he asked, his skin crawling.

“It’s probably just a rabid dog.” suggested Joe.

“No, no, no, you idiots. It’s a bear. A bear!” retorted Bob.

Joe and Bob continued arguing about what the sound was. Rory just stood there, his eyes as round as pies.

“What is it?” Luke asked again.

“Maguine…” Rory whispered.

“Wait, what? The Maguine? Oh, that’s not it.” said Bob, pretending to be tough.

“What on Earth is that?” Luke shivered.

*Ahem* Rory cleared his throat. “The Maguine is a blood-thirsty creature. It stalks the sewer pipes looking for blood. It loves children the most.”

“What a load of rubbish!” declared Joe. “There’s no such thing as a Maguine!”

*Rinnnggg!* the lunch bell interrupted the argument. The workers climbed out of the sewers hungrily, forgetting about the Maguine.

to be continued…

– Destiny

part 2


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