Blood of the Maguine (2)

part 1

Luke Warm

Chapter 3

“Nothing beats a big bowl of brownies and a pleasant plate of pasta after a morning of hard work.” Rory said to Luke as they sprinted towards the canteen.

“Hey where’s the brownie table?” Bob complained as they hurried in.

“…and why is the pasta purple?” Joe added.

Instead of suing the cooks, the workers sat down and ate their disgusting pasta quietly at their table. Without warning, they heard a loud bang from the kitchen.

“Aaaah!” screamed Luke and Joe. Rory did not scream, but slowly stepped towards the kitchen to investigate. He opened the door carefully.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

To his shock, Rory saw the head cook lying on the ground. As Rory tip-toed closer, he realised that the chef was as pale as shed snake scales. Rory knelt down and checked the cook’s heartbeat and breathing. His body was as frigid as the ice river in Alaska.

He was a…


Chapter 4

Several hours later, the four workers sat outside as the police got to work. They were still in shock and couldn’t believe what had happened.

“What can you guys tell me about this? I’ve never seen a crime like it before.” asked a policeman.

“It must be the Maguine!” Rory insisted to the policeman.

“The what?” the policeman said, confused.

“The Maguine!” Rory snapped back. Behind them, Bob rolled his eyes and pushed Rory out of the way.

“There’s no such thing as Maguine!” he roared.

“I’ll deal with you guys later.” The policeman mumbled, walking away.

“It’s the Maguine!” Rory shouted once more. “I’ve seen it.”


“Oh bother.” Bob sighed.

Later that night when Luke got home, he felt exhausted. He threw his bag on the floor and collapsed on the bed. Just then, his daughter, Jennifer bolted in.

“You’re late, Dad. Where were you?” she said, worried.

“Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” Luke pretended to be asleep, not realising it was his daughter’s birthday tomorrow. She was about to say something else but decided to go away instead.

Chapter 5

Tomorrow was already here.

“Happy birthday to me…” Jennifer sang cheerlessly, waking Luke up.

“H-huh?” Luke stammered.

“It’s my birthday today!” Jennifer squeaked.

“Oh, uh… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jenny!” he roared. “I have a special treat for you. Today is ‘bring your daughter to work day!”

“So?” Jennifer scratched her head carelessly.

“Soooo… today you will see what I do all day.” Luke replied with a grin.

“Uh… where do you work exactly?” She inquired. Luke did not reply.

“Let’s just say that’s part of the surprise.” He finally said.

Chapter 6

“SURPRISE!” Luke yelled as he removed her blindfold.

“AAAAAAAH!” Jennifer screamed. “You work down here!?”

Bob picked her up and threw her into the sewage pipe with a laugh.

“WAAAH!” she screamed again. Fortunately they were all wearing protective gear.

“Sorry.” Bob shrugged “I thought being a sewer pipe worker was boring until now.”

“I want to use the bathroom.” Jenny said after drying herself with toilet paper.

“It’s all around you!” the workers howled with laughter.

“eewwww” Jennifer moaned with disgust.

to be continued…

– Destiny

part 3


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