Blood of the Maguine (3)

part 2


Chapter 7

A while later, it was time for lunch.

“Finally!” Jennifer exclaimed with joy. “I’m starving!” Jennifer sprinted to the sewer exit. The sewer workers didn’t notice she had left and were still chatting about the disgusting meal they had yesterday, but then…

“AAAAAAAh!” someone screamed from the direction of the exit.

“What was that!?” Bob bellowed seriously.

“It’s coming from the exit and… hey, where’s Jennifer!?” Luke exclaimed worriedly. He bolted to the exit as scared and terror-stricken as a fish on fire. Luke looked down on the ground in disbelief. He had found Jennifer’s bag,

but no Jennifer!

Chapter 8

“Jennifer, where are you!?” Luke yelled and yelled for her.

“She’s been attacked by the Maguine!” Rory insisted.

“There is no Maguine!” Bob yelled angrily.

“Shush you guys!” Joe roared “We don’t know what happened…”

“Yet.” Bob interrupted.

“Call the police!” Luke screamed.

“Now, now.” Bob said. “We will call the police when the time is right.”

“Bob, you’re such a brainless slug!” Joe roared. “I’ll call the police. You guys go look for her.”

Chapter 9

After hours of searching, they found Jenny’s

  • Shoe
  • Hat
  • Glasses
  • Another shoe
  • Coat
  • stockings
  • Hair band

but still, no Jenny!

“It’s a trail!” Rory declared. “We’re going the right way!”

“This part of the sewer is very dangerous though. We must go back and get the right equipment if we want to keep going” Joe said.

Chapter 10

They raced back to the locker room. Rory reached inside his locker and pulled out a bunch of special clothes, hats and vacuum cleaners.

“Wow, where did all this stuff come from?” asked Luke.

“I’m always prepared to hunt the Maguine!” replied Rory.

Joe rolled his eyes as they sped back to the sewers.

“I feel the need, the need for Maguine!” Rory chanted.

The other three ignored him as they put on their Maguine-hunting gear.


“This is the siren hat” explained Rory “It will help us attract the Maguine. It loves the colour red. The blood-proof coats are very, very important because if you get Maguine blood on your skin, you’ll die. The stinky gloves will also help to attract the beast.”

“What about these things?” Joe asked, holding up a huge vacuum.

“That’s to suck up the Maguine.” Rory replied.

“What a stupid way of hunting. When did you become an expert?” Bob snapped.

“I’ve been studying the Maguine before you were even born!” Rory roared back. “Now, who’s ready?”


“We are!” Luke and Joe cried in unison. Bob snorted in disbelief.

The three sewer workers marched up and down the sewers while Bob walked miserably behind.

to be continued…

– Destiny

part 4


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