Blood of the Maguine (4)

part 3


Chapter 11

“Are we there yet?” Bob asked after walking for a while.

“Robert Thomas!” Rory scolded “Stop complaining this instant!” Bob stopped immediately

“Don’t call me that. You’re not my mum!” he retorted.

Suddenly, they heard something…

“Rrrrr-ghghg! I smell blood… fresh juicy blood!”

“It’s the Maguine!” Rory screamed. Bob jumped out of his boots and bellowed while the others shrieked in terror.

A bloody hand caught Bob from above and plucked him up into a dark hole. Moments later, his bloodless corpse fell back onto the floor.


“Mmmmmm…” the bloodthirsty demon moaned.

There was a smidge of blood on the very right side of Bob’s skeletal mouth and his skin was pale grey. The corpse was as dry as the hottest part of the Sahara desert.

Joe screamed anxiously and he stupidly ran around in circles.

“Do not be afraid.” Rory whispered unscarred to Luke. “When the Maguine sees you scarred, he’ll suck your blood.”


The Maguine’s long arm shot out from the big hole and grabbed Joe by the neck. It started to drag him back to its lair as Joe kicked and squirmed and gasped for air. The arm was as bloody as a vampire’s sanguine tooth and smelled like a rancid cesspool of excrement.

Luke and Rory took their vacuum cleaners and turned them on to maximum suck! The arm started to melt as it was sucked into the powerful machines. Joe was released but didn’t move.

They tried to suck up the Maguine’s arm but the Maguine’s strength was too great. Every time they sucked up the sticky fluid, it came back out. Luke gave Rory his vacuum.

“Cover me!” Luke cried and ran to Joe to examine him. Rory held up the two vacuum cleaners and combined their power. The Maguine’s arm amazingly got sucked up.

“Yes!” Rory exclaimed. “I’ve found a way to destroy the Maguine!”

Luke frowned sadly. Joe was pushing up daisies.

“I need more suckers!” Rory yelled as he fought against the behemoth’s lengthy appendage.

Luke grabbed Bob and Joe’s vacuums and threw them to Rory.

The four vacuum cleaners combined into a Super-Sucker which sucked up the Maguine with speed. The Maguine screamed painfully as the Super-Sucker ate him up.


Then suddenly… *CRASH!*

The Maguine emerged before the teeny tiny human beings. The freak was a tremendous horror of filth and gore. It filled half of the sewer pipe with its blood-soaked frame. It stank of rotten beefcake and swollen durian.

It moved like a bat out of hell towards Rory and Luke, its massive maw expanded to swallow them whole. In a flash, Rory aimed the Super-Sucker at the dumb brute.

“Take that, you nimrod!” he yelled.

The Maguine roared in agony as the Super-Sucker drank him mouth-first. He was almost pushing up daisies too, when somebody screamed.

“Help me! Help me! Help me!”

“Jenny!” Luke cried and ran to the voices.

Just then, the Maguine’s foot zoomed out and grabbed poor Luke by the arm.

“Rory!” Luke screamed. “Remember me and save Jenny!”

Luke was dying, but before he perished his last thought was of Jenny…


– Destiny


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