The Neglectful Nerds (2)

Part 1



Chapter 2

The first thing that came to my mind was a disguise. If I wanted to live in this city and not get caught, the best thing to do was to disguise myself into someone else. This way Unc Ben and Aunt Bubs would never find me.

I hid in an alleyway in town. It was around lunchtime and I felt so hungry I could hardly breathe. I took out the jam sandwich (without peanut butter) that I had prepared earlier. Suddenly, an old tramp came out of nowhere and he looked so ravenous and gloomy and ashen and sombre and wasted that I just had to give him my sandwich. He smiled and only took half

“You must be hungry too.” he said while eating his half. And then it lit up like a lightbulb. The perfect idea! I could disguise myself as a tramp and then no one would recognise me because no one ever wants to look at a homeless person.


“Can you help me?” I asked him.

“How so?” he replied eagerly.

I told him my plan and he was delighted to help. A while later, I had gotten a haircut and was wearing old clothes – the perfect disguise.

“Thanks for helping me.” I thanked him.

The old man told me to pretend that my name was Jacob (now that I was a boy).

“The name’s Ernest.” He said.

“My actual name is Ruby.” I explained.

When we returned to the main street, I noticed that random people who walked by couldn’t care less for a homeless tramp. They didn’t even look at me.

“Let’s go look for my dad.” I suggested “He’s in Paris.”

“But that’s a whole week of walking away.” He groaned.

“Let’s take the train.” I suggested.

“But that’s more money than I make in a year!”

I rummaged around in my backpack. I had enough money for myself, but not the two of us.

“Where can we get more money?” I wondered aloud.

Just then, I spotted a tall familiar monster stalking up the street – Unc Ben!


“I have an idea!” I shouted “We can pickpocket that man.”

“But who’s he?” Ernest asked curiously.

“He’s the killer of my mom!” I lied. I felt bad for lying to Ernest, but this was the only way to persuade him, and I needed his help.

“Holy cow!” Ernest whisper-shouted “We’ll do it then… but how?” he asked.

“Let’s do the ol’ parrot-picker-roo! “I announced “You’ll distract ‘im and I’ll be the parrot-picker!”

We approached Unc Ben from different sides (Ernest from the front, me from the back). Ernest distracted him using a parrot noise and Unc Ben jumped in the air (he’s really scared of parrots, you see). I slowly reached into his pocket and took out his wallet while he was still paralysed with fear. I ran as fast as I could back to our hideout.


“How did you know he’s afraid of parrots?” Ernest asked.

“It’s a long story, but it’s because a parrot killed his monkey back when he sailed the seven seas in his pirating days…”

“There haven’t been pirates in France for a lot of years!” He exclaimed.

“Well, he’s pretty old. We better get moving if we wanna catch the next train to Paris!” I cried.

“You’re right!”

We ran as fast as we could (more like a stumble) to the train station and got onto the carriage. Suddenly, I spotted the two dumb orcs!

“I know things!” I heard Unc Ben say “I know that dumb girl went to Paris to look for her dad. We better find her quickly!”

“B-b-but how do you knows she go to Paris?” Aunt Bubs howled.

“Because I said I know things!”

I tried to move away but other people kept pushing me and Ernest towards the two idiots as they tried to get to their seats.

“Oh look. It’s a homeless tramp!” Unc Ben laughed with wickedness.

“With he’s grandchild!” Aunt Bubs snickered.

‘Phew’ I thought to myself. At least they didn’t recognise me. We went back to our seats and Ernest was as red as a beet.


“Um… are you okay?” I asked, concerned.

“No. I don’t like the way they talked to us. They’re hateful people.”

The train started to move and luckily we were sitting behind them so we could hear what they were doing.

“We should kill Ruby’s dad as well.” I heard Unc Ben whisper “I was smart enough to make her mom eat poison, so I bet we can kill her dad too.”

That’s when I realised to truth! Unc. Ben really did kill my mom! I was shocked and enraged! I cracked my knuckles so hard you could hear it from a mile away.

“Oy!” Unc. Ben roared “Keep it quiet back there!”

I didn’t want to give away my disguise so I kept quiet, but in my head I was thinking about revenge.

“That kid is so weird!” Unc. Ben said loudly.

Hours later, we were in Paris.

“we are herrree!” Aunt Bubs screamed like a crazed donkey.

“Finally!” Unc Ben yawned. We ignored him.

“Do you know where your dad lives?” Ernest whispered.

“I do, but we might wanna follow Unc Ben and Aunt Bubs first cause I think they’re up to something.”

“Where… is… Ruby?” I heared Aunt Bubs roar.

“Shhh! She might be on this train!”

“How… can… you… sure… Ruby… come… Paris?”

“Because this is the only place she’ll come to” Unc Ben replied. “…but before she gets here, we’ve gotta kill her dad.”

“I better warn dad.” I whispered.

“But what if Ben and Bubs get to your dad first?” Ernest asked.

“Then we better run!” I shouted. We bolted out of the train station as fast as a cheetah on roller-skates.

“Why were that old dude and that weird kid running so fast?” Unc Ben sighed.

“D’you think we’ll make it?” Ernest panted.

“Of course!” I replied. “My dad’s house is only three blocks away.”

We ran for another two blocks and we were finally there! It was such a relief that I could see my dad again. I would finally be safe with my dad and Ernest. I knocked on the crooked door a couple times but no one answered.

“Dad!?” I shouted “Dad!?” No one replied.

I slowly pushed the door and it creaked open. Nothing was there except for a dirty old swivel chair with a high back. I didn’t know if anyone was sitting in it but I could hear someone breathing loudly.

“Dad?” I asked nervously “Is that you?”

“Funny you should ask.” Whispered a familiar voice. The chair turned around and you probably already guessed who it was.

Unc Ben.


the neglectful nerds 2.pic

He had dad’s black cat, James on his lap and he was stroking it slowly like he was an evil genius or something.

“Well, well, well.” he said in his usual low voice “What do we have here?”

“Hello, stranger.” I said, trying to stay in disguise. “We just came to look for our lost cat, um… Dad.”

“You can’t fool me, you little punk!” Unc Ben screamed with madness.

“Okay!” I roared “I AM Ruby, but where’s dad and how’d you get here so quickly?”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know kid, but you’re coming home with me!” he bellowed.

“No way!” I shrieked while gradually backing away “C’mon Ernest. We’re leaving this dumb place!”

“B-but what about your dad?” Ernest whispered.

“We’ll worry about him later.” I hissed “If we don’t get outta here then we’ll both be dead.”

I pulled Ernest’s arm and tried to run out of there as fast as I could but we didn’t get a chance to escape. Just as we got out of the door, Bubs blocked us with her jumbo beefcake of a body. Since she was so big, she bounced us right back into the room where Unc Ben was now standing in front of us.

Unc Ben chuckled like a crazed cat. It was so freaky that Ernest almost had a heart attack on the spot.

“There’s no way you punks can beat me now. Ha!” He roared.

“So what’s your plan and where’s my dad?” I screamed.

“You dad, eh? He’s pushing up daisies… and so will you!” He bellowed. Then from his pocket, he took out a gun and…


to be continued…

Part 3

– Destiny


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