The Neglectful Nerds (3)

Part 2

Chapter 3

It was so quick that I didn’t see what happened. I checked to see if I was shot but I wasn’t. Then I turned around and saw Bubs drinking water. I turned again and Unc Ben was chuckling. I turned one last time and saw who he shot.

It was Ernest!


He was on the ground, not moving a muscle. Ben had got him straight in the heart.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed.

I couldn’t believe it. Ernest was lying there on the floor dead because of me. Why did I even drag him into this mess? I could’ve just let him stay where he was. I learnt an important lesson after this episode, a moral actually:

Don’t drag people into your dumb mess!

“Hahahaha!” Uncle Ben laughed crazily like Mr Scrooge “There’s no way you can run away now!”

“Yes there is!” came a rather familiar voice.

It was Dad! He wasn’t dead!

“Bah! Humbug!” cursed Uncle Scrooge… I mean, Unc Ben.

“I’ve seen everything, broher-in-law!” Dad roared “I can’t believe you!”

“R-R-Rory…” Unc Ben said nervously.

“What the @#&?@#$ are you doing in my house you @#$&*!” screamed Dad.

“I… I was just…” Unc Ben began to speak but Dad cut him off.

I was so ecstatic to see Dad that I ran over and embraced him.

“Speak no more @#&$*!” Dad howled at Unc Ben “I saw everything and even recorded it on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone!”

“Um, Dad.” I whispered, embarrassed “We don’t need to know what phone you’re using.”

*Ahem* “Uh… I meant I recorded it on my nondescript phone!” Dad winked at me.

“Whatever, punk!” Unc. Scroog- uh, Ben shouted “I still have the gun!”

the neglectful nerds 3.pic

Suddenly, two police officers crashed in and grabbed both of ‘em by the arms.

“Hey!” Unc. Ben screamed in fear “Where’d these pigs come from?”

“From the police station, you #&@*&@!” bellowed one of the copers. While the police officers dragged them away, I gave Dad a hug.

“I thought you were dead, Dad. Where were you?”

“Don’t be silly. The neglectful nerds just gave me sleeping pills and threw me in the closet.”

“Hey Dad?” I asked “Let’s give Ernest a funeral and go back to Grenoble.” I was exhausted after this whole thing.

“How about we give him a funeral and just stay here?” He suggested.

“That’s great!” I exclaimed enthusiastically.

So after that, we buried Ernest and lived happily ever after…



– Destiny


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