Jewel of Catalonia

There is a place of valiance, bold,
where city streets sing tales of old,
the buildings cry its merry name,
as madmen laugh with well-earned fame.

To travel down its pristine road,
so organised, this fine abode,
each corner welcomes something new:
fantastic visions; colours too.

Its beaches flock, I can attest,
with girls of form and bare of breast,
no matter what your class of fun,
there’s something here for everyone.

A melting pot of feel-good cheer,
the very air sings splendour here,
and if you near its beating heart,
you’ll find yourself a word apart.

An underground of untamed muse,
where music plays to tapping shoes,
jewel of fabled Catalonia,
welcome to fair Barcelona.

– J.S.Worth


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