From Pillow to Pen

Catacombs spilling over,
dropping dead thoughts all around.
In this feast of impressions,
a few premises can resound.

Striving so desperately
with all their might, to make an escape,
from the husks and shells
of lost memories they left agape.

Mere essences surviving
rendering to the keen eye of day,
losing cohesion swiftly,
dreams dissipate softly where they lay.

Yet a moment can resurrect
a plethora of visions and specters,
leading to perspectives acquired
only by traversing abstract vectors.

These rich and fertile insights
hold the promise of hidden treasure,
surpassing waking banality
with significance beyond all measure.

Translating this to language
becomes a passionate, kneading, quest;
to understand these gems enough
to decipher what’s profound from the rest.

But elusive they prove to be,
demanding subliminal concentration;
dusted and polished with ardor,
they serve as the most coveted ‘inspiration’.

– Phoenix Aradia


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