Future World


Welcome to BantaaKids, the section dedicated to the creative work of the youngest writers among us.

This series will predominantly feature short stories written by ESL (English as a Second Language) students from J.S.Worth’s creative writing classes back in the real world, where he works as an English teacher in China.

These classes begin with a writing prompt (featured below) to which the students plan, draft, and then produce a final copy all in the space of 2 hours.

We hope you enjoy reading their fantastic work and can appreciate the level of dedication these young writers have put into their studies, especially given how challenging it is to learn a second language.


– J.S.Worth


Prompt: Your main character starts singing a song when suddenly the lyrics of that song become reality.

(note: minor corrections have been made)

Future World

by Angela

On Tuesday, I had a maths examination. How difficult! I thought maybe I would fail. What a terrible thing! I was so sad and worried. I went back home.

The only way I could release the pressure was to sing songs, so I opened my phone. My favourite song was ‘The Future World’. ‘That’s a great song’ I thought. While I listened, I began to sing with the music. However, the longer I sang, the more I felt sleepy. I couldn’t hear it and started to sleep.

When I woke up, I found I was in an amazing garden. Everything here was blue. The trees were blue, the flowers were blue, even the sun was blue. Then a strange boy came. He wore He wore a blue t-shirt, a pair of blue shorts and a pair of blue shoes.

“Who are you?” the boy asked,

“I’m Angela” I replied. “Could you tell me where we are?”

“This is a secret garden” the boy answered. “It was built in 3000s.”

“What!” I was really surprised “but I was born in 20051”

“Hmm, seems that you passed through the time travel tunnel, that’s strange.” the boy said. “Well, I’m Bryce. Let me help you find the way home.”

“Thank you so much, Bryce.”

First of all, we needed to pass the jungle. A short time into the forest we met a massive spider. I would go ahead.

“Stay here, don’t move!” Bryce said.

I trembled with fear. The spider was so fierce, but Bryce used his sword and killed the spider easily.

“Be brave, and you can do well.”

Next we were at the seashore.

“That’s terrible” Bryce said.

I had an idea. “Look, there is some wood over there” I said. “We can make a boat!”

“That’s great.” Bryce said. “You’re clever.”

After a while, the boat was finished. Then we crossed the sea successfully.

When we were on the land, he asked me what I did before I came. I said the whole thing completely.

“Oh, that’s easy.” Bryce said. “Now if you sing the song again, you can go back home.”

“Thank you so much, Bryce.” I said. “I will never forget you.”

“So will I.” Bryce said. “Hope to see you again if I can.”

I sang ‘Future World’ again. I went back asleep. After I woke up, I found myself in the bedroom. There was a photo beside me. It was of Bryce and me. I really couldn’t remember when I took the photo. I smiled.



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