The Craziest Singer in the World


Welcome to BantaaKids, the section dedicated to the creative work of the youngest writers among us.

This series will predominantly feature short stories written by ESL (English as a Second Language) students from J.S.Worth’s creative writing classes back in the real world, where he works as an English teacher in China.

These classes begin with a writing prompt (featured below) to which the students plan, draft, and then produce a final copy all in the space of 2 hours.

We hope you enjoy reading their fantastic work and can appreciate the level of dedication these young writers have put into their studies, especially given how challenging it is to learn a second language.


– J.S.Worth


Prompt: You are singing your favourite song when suddenly the lyrics become reality.

(note: minor corrections have been made)

The Craziest Singer in the World

by Alan

On a rainy afternoon, after the school’s last bell had rung, Maxim walked along the narrow, cobbly path. It was such a rainy day tat his mind seemed to be snatched away by the rain. Without thinking, he started sing “Rain, rain, go away…” SUddenly, the clouds that piled up in the sky started to move within a minute. The rain had completely stopped. Amazed by what happened just now, Maxim stood still and looked up into the sky. ‘Wow!’ he thought. But what he didn’t realize was that it was his singing that made it stop.

The next day was Halloween, and Maxim’s grade was performing a horror song. “The vampire came alive just in our school, waiting for us in room 402…” After the big chorus, his class returned to room 402. Just when Maxim was about to go in, Ali gave a terrifying shriek “ARRAAAAAHHH! There is a vampire in our room!”

Maxim suddenly realized something – what he sang would come true. He quickly sang “Vampire disappear!” All others starred at him, baffled. But within a second, it disappeared! After that, Maxim became the star of the school but nobody wanted him to sing anymore.



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