Knife & Fork: Friend or Foes?


Welcome to BantaaKids, the section dedicated to the creative work of the youngest writers among us.

This series will predominantly feature short stories written by ESL (English as a Second Language) students from J.S.Worth’s creative writing classes back in the real world, where he works as an English teacher in China.

These classes begin with a writing prompt (featured below) to which the students plan, draft, and then produce a final copy all in the space of 2 hours.

We hope you enjoy reading their fantastic work and can appreciate the level of dedication these young writers have put into their studies, especially given how challenging it is to learn a second language.


– J.S.Worth


Prompt: Knife & Fork: Friend or Foes?

(note: minor corrections have been made)

Knife & Fork: Friend or Foes?

Would Sue be the next victim?

by Sophia

After dinner, Sue’s mom started to clean up the table. “1, 2, 3, 4…7, 8. Good.” She counted the knives and forks which she never did before. Sue wondered why her mom was acting so weird. “Hope you guys won’t be so active.” Sue’s mom cracked a smile and whispered. She was just kidding, Sue thought – wasn’t she?

The next day…

“The breakfast is ready, get our knives and forks, Auggie!” Mom called from the kitchen. “Mommy, there are only six knives and forks now! How about dad?” Auggie shouted. “Dad went away, so it’s only us three today.” Mom demanded “Quickly!” Sue started thinking about Mom’s weird actions last night. What did she mean by ‘went away’? She seemed frustrated. As Sue walked through dad’s bedroom, she nearly suffocated. She froze. Froze in horror. Sue rubbed her eyes to ensure that was just her imagination, and all she saw was that the body that was stained with blood vanished. There are only one knife and one fork… “Time for school, Sue and Auggie!” Mom called again. Sue walked out, shivering, chattering…

At night, the same day…

“Mom, Madilyn came. Can she stay for a while?” Sue asked desperately. “Sure.” said mom. Madilyn asked to have a look upstairs. She glanced and shouted out with an absolutely terrific idea “What about hide-and-seek? The ‘haunted’ one!” “I’ll find you in a minute!” Sue went to find Madilyn afterward. She gasped. Then a high-pitched shriek escaped her throat.

“Mom!” Another one. Dead. One knife and one fork were stained on the carpet. Sue twisted and tossed on her bed, the air grew cold, she couldn’t fall asleep. She held her breath, clenched her teeth, and crept and hid behind the sofa with scarcely a sound. She saw mom come out, grab the knife and fork, and then go back to her room.

Sue’s heart was like a bass drum. It felt like the demons of death were dancing around her. Would she be the next victim? Was her mom the killer? Bad thoughts shit her.

The next morning…

Sue woke up. Nothing happened. It was just a dream, all of it. Dad was sleeping, mom was cooking, and she was still alive. Madilyn went to school, too. But the dream was so vivid. Something must have gone wrong.

Indeed, Marilyn carried a knife and fork, just as in the dream. She was just kidding, Sue thought – was she?

453 Sophia


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