The mighty hero of Doomsdale,
who fights to righten wrong.
He wears a uniform of silk,
he’s tall and brave and strong.

A man of great and loving heart,
who’s fought to earn his fame.
He has fought behemoths and bears,
MegaBoy is his name.

Up in the pale blue atmosphere,
the sky, with birds that soar.
He shoos the pigeons out his way,
they cry, annoyed “orhh orhh”.

With his red cape, through windy air,
he zooms, a rocket, fast.
He’s going 90 miles per hour,
the falcons are surprised.

Then he sees a slimy creature,
down there in the forest.
It has disgusting greenish skin,
it’s smashing blue-jay nest.

MB zooms towards the monster,
ready to destroy it.
He’s about to smash the demon,
but it gives him a hit.

“My name is Smauel, the S-Rex,
I come to rule the land.
I’m strong and bigger than a drake,
I’ll kill you with one hand!”

The S-Rex held our hero tight,
he screamed “Oh, let me go!”
The putrid stench of rotten meat,
which drained his power low.

MegaBoy throws his MegaPunch,
the hero strikes Samuel.
The creature shouts “You little brat!”
his face was full of drool.

But wait a second, he’s not dead,
the slimy thing gets up.
“Come and get me, tiny thing,
the winner gets a cup!”

Their battle was a grisly war,
it was a dreadful fight.
MegaBoy got bitten hard,
he fought with all his might.

Megs was weak and tired of it,
he knew that he would lose.
Suddenly he had a plan,
he’d make Sam blow a fuse.

He starts with pulling Samuel’s tail,
and shouting in his ear.
“Hey fatty, fatty, longest nose!”
for that was Samuel’s fear.

The S-Rex starts to lose control,
he cries, ashamed “boo hoo”.
“You make me feel like sticks of wax,
which burn and turn to goo.”

MegaBoy can’t believe himself,
his plan has backfired.
He thought he should leave it alone,
since he’s a bit tired.

MegaBoy tries to calm him down,
but Samuel cries all day.
Finally Megs gives him a sweet,
the hero flies away.

MegaBoy zooms above the clouds,
towards the setting sun.
“Megs will be in our memory,
he’ll return!” people bet.

– Destiny



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