The Crying Raven

The crying raven on the tombstone,
a chilling sound throughout the night.
In the forest near the small town
she was buried out of sight.

Blamed for the brutal executions
just because she fell in love
with the handsome German soldier.
Her young heart didn’t sense the bluff.

He was using her to capture
all the partisans in town.
Many friends, the freedom fighters
shot and buried in the ground.

She couldn’t see this even after
the folks took her she fought back.
Still denying all wrong doing
till they hanged her by the neck.

The crying raven on the tombstone
no engraving of her name.
Rest her soul, she’s now forgotten.
It’s the war that was to blame.

As a boy I used to go there
cause she was my mother’s friend.
And mom told me the whole story
of the girl’s unhappy end.

– Henry Pajak


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