The Wicked Witch


Welcome to BantaaKids, the section dedicated to the creative work of the youngest writers among us.

This series will predominantly feature short stories written by ESL (English as a Second Language) students from J.S.Worth’s creative writing classes back in the real world, where he works as an English teacher in China.

These classes begin with a writing prompt (featured below) to which the students plan, draft, and then produce a final copy all in the space of 2 hours.

We hope you enjoy reading their fantastic work and can appreciate the level of dedication these young writers have put into their studies, especially given how challenging it is to learn a second language.


– J.S.Worth


Prompt: Write a prequel to the fairy tale ‘The Frog Prince’.

(note: minor corrections have been made)

The Wicked Witch

by Tyrone

Once upon a time, there was a humane prince who wasn’t selfish and helped anyone in need. His father and mother were mighty proud. The citizen loved Bob just like how much Bob loved the citizens. Because Bob was so popular, every morning when he woke up, the people would bring him freshly picked fruits and freshly baked bread to the palace, and after that, he would go to the plaza and dance with the children. Dancing was his specialty.

One day, a cranky old lady wearing a robe said with a squeal “Come with me into the woods and you shall help me with my house!”

Prince Bob was eager to help out. He answered “Okay, I shall help you then.” Bob followed the old lady into the mysterious forest and went to the lady’s house. Bob cleaned her kitchen, tidied her living room and made her bed.

Then, the lady cast an abominable, devilish, atrocious, egregious spell on Bob and he started turning into a frog.

“You villainous witch! Ribbit, ribbit!” The green half-man, half-frog said angrily. Ten seconds later, Bob turned into a bumbling frog.

452 Tyrone


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