Every morning is alike
with meaning given life.
A fresher way to start the day;
to wake beside a knife.

Our hero stirs to Summer-Song;
his Petal Girl aside.
She turns to peck his weary cheek
then bites his juicy hide.

His body marked by loving fangs,
he cries to let him go.
She smiles wide those razor lips
then journeys down below.

Their morning joined by passion’s hymn
before the birds awake.
Others may prefer their rest
but this, it takes the cake.

While intertwined between the sheets
their world was made for two.
As heartbeats echo solemn vows,
he whispers “I love you.”

And just as soon as it began
our lovers part away
to catch their breath and reminisce
another start today.

They kiss goodbye and then depart
to worlds of toil and grind.
Cast away by duty’s sake
for now they are resigned.

Consumed by thoughts of Petaled love
our hero longs for when
he may indulge her dagger-bite
and Summer-Song again.

– J.S.Worth


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