Oilman and Turtle Queen

A realm of rank hypocrisy
and bureaucratic fair;
of automated service drones
who only blink and stare.

Don’t bother understanding it
for none can solve its maze,
through labyrinthine paperwork
to leave you in a daze.

It’s here in this robotic hive
that young wayfarers meet
to rise above the smoggy skies
and claim the empty seat.

Before ascending to the throne,
two golems stand afore.
They claim the title ‘scholar-naught’
but really are a bore.

The first, the fabled Oilman
from distant tribal lands,
whose wall is mounted with his deeds
but left with empty hands.

The second is a stranger beast
of self-appointed fame.
The Turtle Queen bestows her love
on those who play her game.

For Super Guy and Petal Girl
they’ve seen their like before.
The road is littered with the bones
of those who lost the war.

They crawl beneath their brazen gaze
towards the promised jewel.
The scrolls of cosmic lexicon;
foundation of their rule.

– J.S.Worth


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