Mr Glue

Among the ranks of office life,
one stands out from the rest.
A fellow known regrettably;
that nagging little pest.

His socks, a novel oddity;
the same pair, never twice.
His fashion sense is left to fate;
the rolling of a dice.

He talks with blunt impunity,
reminding to dismay
“We’re short again, I’m not surprised,
I told you yesterday!”

He’d rather that he needn’t moan,
but is it much to ask,
that stocking shelves with adhesive
is really such a task?

At last the storeroom’s filled again,
he celebrates his win!
He doesn’t feel the need to gloat,
but slightly lifts his chin.

And then it’s back to work again,
an unremarked event.
His colleagues breath a sighed relief,
for now that he’s content.

He pastes behind each loosened leaf,
assuring that it’s stuck.
The posters in the hall, renewed,
since no one gives a ****!

Attaching almost everything
is what he likes to do.
So when you need a sticky-hand,
just call for Mr Glue!

– J.S.Worth


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