Super Guy and Petal Girl

‘Soulmate’ is a tired term;
generic; overused.
And those who hear it time again,
may find themselves amused.

Before you are too quick to judge,
have patience; hear me out!
Our Super Guy has found the one,
for whom he has no doubt.

She gives him newfound confidence,
a sparkle in his eye.
Her smile, ever-radiant
lights up the darkened sky.

Inspiring sappy sentiments,
the sort you may recall.
Rejuvenating every day;
she really has it all.

This Petal-Headed girl and he
complete each other’s goals.
Together they are so much more
than severed, distant souls.

He’s never had these thoughts before
and barely can believe.
A future-bound reality
which never could he leave.

If ever there were such a girl;
if lightening strikes occur.
Of all who ever came before,
he reckons only her.

And so she shall forever be
his brightest shining star.
Whenever Petal needs a hug,
her “Mimi” isn’t far.

– J.S.Worth


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