The Adventure Goes On

Every story must begin
and so too must it end.
This writer gives his thanks to you,
and those whose lives were penned.

And so for now we bid farewell
our wholesome hero pair.
But Super Guy and Petal Girl,
have stories still to share.

The unknown future of their lives;
of legends yet untold.
Will they tie the knot in time,
or is that somewhat bold?

As lovers meet on crossroad streets;
what may or may not be.
Those threads which bind our hearts as one
are not as plain to see.

Dear reader, you may understand
those feelings left to fate.
To lose control of summer songs;
that sometimes you must wait.

We do not always get to choose
the endings that we crave.
Perhaps instead we should preserve
the stories which we pave.

The silence of unanswered prayers
beneath the rolling skies.
But answers only lie within;
between your earnest eyes.

So should you dream of shooting stars
that you may wish upon.
Remember this eternal truth,
adventure must go on.

 – J.S.Worth

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