Book Review: Matilda (by Dean)


Welcome to BantaaKids, the section dedicated to the creative work of the youngest writers among us.

This series will predominantly feature written work by ESL (English as a Second Language) students from J.S.Worth’s creative writing classes back in the real world, where he works as an English teacher in China.

As part of these classes, the students are led in reading novels after which they write a book review. Most recently, they completed Matilda by Roald Dahl.

We hope you enjoy reading their fantastic work and can appreciate the level of dedication these young writers have put into their studies, especially given how challenging it is to learn a second language.


– J.S.Worth


(note: minor corrections have been made)

“Matilda” Book Review

by Dean

Our class has finished a book called ‘Matilda’. It is written by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. The main characters are: Matilda, a girl who is astute and loves reading; Ms Honey, a helpful teacher; and Ms Trunchbull, an awful principal. The story is set in Matilda’s home and school.

Matilda’s parents think that Matilda is stupid, but she doesn’t care. She reads high-level books and can stay alone in home with no help. Her father is angry so he ripped the book Matilda borrowed from the library. Matilda tricked him by putting super-super glue into his hat. When she goes to school, she is misunderstood by the principal, Trunchbull. Ms Honey helps her and finds Matilda can move things using her eyes. They became friends and make miracles by her power. She even conquered the Trunchbull. Her family was discovered of lying and Matilda lives happily with Ms Honey.

I learnt that we should be confident and diligent. I think the people who love reading or whose parents say that theyr’e stupid would like this book because they can understand Matilda’s heart more deeply. I like this book because it’s engaging and exciting. It represents Roald Dahl’s heart.

Matilda Dean


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