Black Magic

Waiting after dusk to see her
Sometimes near a sea
Sometimes near an ocean

Her aura of beauty
Spells and charms
Light the broken heart

She comes with full of breezes
I used to walk near the graveyard
Falling dry Leaf’s making a sphere

Her presence starts from grave to sea
And dissapear in the clouds of ocean

Her looks turns magic
Broken heart repairs
Melody of her voice
Drag you anywhere

Like a hypnotic dreams
Her icy cream tongue
Soothe your heated world
Cool down the nearby temperature

Her eyes pretend you to turn wild
A dream in dream like a layers
Of life can be seen in her eyes

She appears in dark
And gives you light
Her walk appears
As if she is swimming
Like a dolphin

Mesmerizing just mesmerizing
Beauty appears in dark
A healing balm in night
Turning sleeps in morning
Inorder to see her whole night in dark

Magic magic magic her shadow is magic
Hypnotic hypnotic hypnotic her beauty is hypnotic
Purity in her magic which is her beauty in black magic

– Ravindra Kumar Nayak


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