Freddy the Fish

In a pond by a tree, not a lake nor the sea lived three friends who were close as could be.

They each had a name; first was Tom, then Elaine, and the last one was Freddy the Fish.

Fred liked to swim and to play and to yell but alas had a smell like an oyster’s old shell such that no one could stand to be near.

Though the friends loved to play every new fishy day it had come to dismay that now Freddy must go!

Now poor Fred was alone; sad as a trombone without its bright shiny bronze-tone.

Then young Fred made a bet that he’d find a home yet where he never need fret and he set on a journey in hope.

So he traveled the pond from each end and beyond till at last he had come to a cave.

Deep within it was dark, and Fred heard a remake which had come from a mangy old shark.

“Golly me, what’s that smell? I can’t bare it too well, that foul stench you should never expel!”

The shark’s name was Billy who was really quite silly with his whiskers all frilly and he shooed smelly Freddy away.

Fred said he was sorry; need not harp his worry; that he’d swim somewhere else in a jiff.

But wherever he went he was quickly resent due to raucous dissent from the town.

Fred thought he’d give-in for he just couldn’t win and so cried with great tears in his fin.

“Oh woe and despair, this just isn’t fair; not one of them care for my grief!”

It was then that a worm swimming by with a squirm came upon him to voice his concern:

“I know how you feel and the struggle is real so listen, I’ll make you a deal.

This life is a drag since I’m caught on this snag so please eat me and let it be done.”

Fred studied this fellow, all skewed and yellow and made up his mind there and then.

He bit through his heart and so then with a start, Fred was yanked from the pond, that’s the end…

Dear children recall, the same fate waits us all, should ever you fail to bathe!

– J.S.Worth


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