Radical Thinking

What if we had complete personal liberty?
Allowing our minds and our bodies to be free.
No one else would have to do prison time
for committing a so-called ‘victimless crime’.

There’d be no more departments called vice;
solving crimes with real victims would have to suffice.
Even the name of the police squads infer,
a moral judgement they’ve no right to confer.

There’s intentional separation of church and state.
Someone else’s religion shouldn’t determine my fate.
Personal morality should be governed by oneself,
not dictated by whomever’s acquired more wealth.

This country keeps getting into political fights
about encroaching upon our dear individual rights.
Inalienable they were judged in the beginning,
now the practice of them, some still call sinning.

If we could focus more on the important laws,
instead of exposing everybody’s private flaws:
We would be devoting ourselves essentially,
to a more authentic expression of civility.

– Phoenix Aradia


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