Welcome to my Life

My mind rushing, panicking,
Eyes unable to open, glimpsing     nothing,
Frustrated with my inability to function.

I can hear the EMTs discussing me.
“I’m coherent! I’ll be okay!”
Angry with my body’s refusal to cooperate.

I get a whiff of disposable medical gloves.
“Is this normal for her?,” the EMT asks my worker.
“Yes!” I try to shout. I begin to pray…

“Dear God, please don’t keep me like this!”
I beg…
“I…I can’t…I can’t…think…
THINK!!! I can do this!”

I begin to cry, but I don’t feel my tears.
I cough, with the taste of a thermometer in my mouth.
“Please, God. I just want to go home.”
Another tear falls from my eye…

– Vanja LaVoie


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