The Last Girl On Earth At Macy’s

Joanna Dickson never did like taking naps. Yet, to make her mother happy, she complied but also to be able to buy all the clothes she wanted. But, on this particular afternoon, she woke up to the sound of a siren. Wiping her eyes, she first thought that it came from the TV still running, she. But when her vision focused, she noticed the screen was just zig zags and hissing.
She just hates oversleeping, when no one wakes her up. Feeling left out of the excitement, like not being invited to a party and staying home alone.
Yet, no one was home, the house completely empty, snack stuff left on the kitchen counter by Sam, her older brother, but no signs of her parents. The siren was real coming from somewhere in the city.

In a daze she walked outside and found houses and streets empty, listless. Doors of townhouses and even buildings were left open like an unfinished sentence.
Cars parked in the middle of the road, their doors ajar. From block to block, the same scenes, an eerie silence had taken over as if people had just left without any notice as if pulled by a force greater than their wil, their seats still warm. Joanna had begun to realize that her dream’s finally come true, to be the last person on earth —-
without thinking, her feet knew by heart its way to Macy’s 
“to get all the clothes i want for free and dress up like a real princess!”
And, there the dummies stood with lustrous eyes, Barbie smile and flouncey blond hair turned upwards in “That Girl” style, elegantly swathed in satin and cashmere.


My steps hasten automatically towards the clothes racks…

On stilletto heels, in flowing silk gown, my child’s face smeared make-up beyond her years, bloodred lips pouting Marilyn Monroesque, a twilight halo crown, she sashayed into deserted streets in soft glow betwixt darkness and light, orange sun reflects on her silver dress, sirenbound.

– Rosana Sam


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