The Muppet Show!

As the Swedish Chef earns “two points” for his chicken basket,
Bunsen and Beaker’s experiments become way more drastic.

The assistant has been turned into Sam the Eagle reporter,
Who only has the time to call us “Weirdos” amid uproarious laughter.

Moving right along, we see that Gonzo gets booed off the stage.
Piggy and Kermit replace him, “Hiya-ing” is their new craze.

Neither rare nor well-done, Statler and Waldorf delight us for hours!
Rizzo the Rat and Rolfe decide to copy Tyson the skate dog’s manoeuvres.

Animal scares us all while drumming up a major storm.
“I will smack you like a bad, bad donkey, okay?” states Pepe the Prawn.

Now I will join Janice, living naked on a beach.
We ignore the stigma attached to the lawless breach.


– Vanja LaVoie


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