King of the Sky

A long time ago
before wind or the snow
before horses could run
there was only the Sun.

Although he was bright
and oh, quite a sight
he had reason to moan
poor old Sun was alone.

The King of the Sky
who ruled nothing nearby,
just a lonely old star
looking out, ever far.

He’d give up his glow
and his crown, don’t you know?
He’d give all, no pretend
if it found him a friend.

So he lifted his chin
and he twirled with a spin,
spreading warmth out behind
leaving planets, aligned.

The first was too hot,
not a little; a lot!
And the second was too,
but the third, it was blue.

And so Sun earned a break
for no blot or mistake
could he see in sunlight
on this pearl, oh so right.

He gleamed down below
at his planet-combo,
soon relieving his itch
and that last blanket stitch.

For he saw on the land
a strange fellow in-hand
with a womanly gal
who both raised his morale.

So the King found his flock
who he watched round the clock,
never breaking his gaze
from their quaint simple ways.

Until came a day
when he saw to dismay
that his friends were caput,
merely piles of soot.

Sun wallowed in grief
for it beggared belief
that his work was undone,
once again, he was one.

– J.S.Worth


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