The Friendly Goblin

A goblin is a nasty beast,
they’re green and full of greed.
You’d best avoid them earnestly
if you can spell ‘misdeed’.

But not all goblins are the same,
some may be even kind.
There’s one at least unlike the rest
who’s graciously inclined.

A jolly and lighthearted chap,
he plays a merry tune.
As courteous as you could wish,
more than you might presume.

It isn’t clear exactly why
he’s different from his brood.
His mother was a swindler;
his father just as rude.

Perhaps it was an accident
back when he was a grot.
His brother threw him off a bridge
into a lake of snot.

T’was there he found philosophy;
a new outlook on life.
He’d rather live more generously
than those who gave him strife.

And so he sought more civil lands,
departing Goblin-Town.
He bid farewell his family-clan
who thought he was a clown.

He wandered through the wilderness,
a forest dark and grim.
Until he came across a hut
as quaint as elves are slim.

He knocked upon the wooden door
and waited for reply.
He hoped they’d give him sustenance,
his mouth was parched and dry.

A minute passed, and then again
he rapped upon the door.
When no one came he turned around
and this is what he saw…

A fellow stood in front of him,
a brave and daring knight.
Within his hand he held a lance
which sparkled in the light.

“Good sir, I wonder if might
make but a small request?
I’ve journeyed far throughout the day,
and sorely need a rest.”

At first the knight seemed startled by
this cordial little pest,
but then recalled his prejudice
and stabbed him through the chest.

The goblin lay in agony,
blood dripping to the floor.
He wondered how it came to this,
and then he thought no more.

Dear reader, you may ask yourself
how humans came so far.
The answer though may disappoint,
that’s just the way they are.

– J.S.Worth


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