About Us: Project Bantaa-Zine

Dear Reader,


This is our global open headquarters and production think tank for Bantaa-Zine. There is plenty of Banter to go around, why not share some of yours?

Who Are We?

Bantaa-Zine is a publication that we are hell-bent on growing, promoting and distributing. It is planned to have 4 issues out in 2018, with content worth sharing, beautifully presented in print. We will handle the printing and distribution so you can see your work being read by thousands around the globe.


There are three main ways content makes it onto this site and in-turn the magazine.

Bantaa-Zine Writers– These are our core contributors. They are passionate about making this project a reality, they want to get their content out there and most of all, they want to share perspectives. We are open to anyone who wants to become a writer here, all that you need is to have decent english and an open mind.

Submit Articles- Have a story, poem or article that you want to see printed in Bantaa-Zine? You are more than welcome to contact us. Once your content is reviewed, it will appear on this web-site and get short listed to go into print.

Be recruited- Now having someone think your writing or art is worth sharing is usually very flattering. We at the Bantaa91 project are even bigger consumers of content than we are creators. We love reading stories, listening to music, finding  and promoting special people. Sometimes we will approach bloggers, writers and genuinely cool people to contribute their work to appear on this website and to get printed.

Our Audience

You are the backbone of everything we do here. Without your eyes, we are nothing. If no one hears the tree fall in the forest does it make a noise? Of course it does, but are contributors and creators worth anything without an audience? No way Jose!

We hope you enjoy the content on here and you can have your say on our facebook page here

You can support us by purchasing one of our published works. We believe that content should be free and open source, so everything that makes it into print, you will see on here first in its raw unpolished form on Bantaa91.com.

Bantaa aims to be a birthplace of ideas worth sharing. Stories that show you how people from different walks of life think. Our spaghetti on the wall. The is where you see ideas change as our understanding of it improves.

So welcome to our soapbox on the corner of street, we hope to gather a large crowd and bathe in a sea of agreement or surf on the waves of chatter.