About Us

This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Dear Reader,


This is our global open head quarters and production think tank for Bantaa-Zine and Bantaa-Stories. There is plenty of Banter to go around.

We hope you enjoy the content on here and support us by purchasing one of our published works. We believe that content should be free and open source. The material that is published is derived from this website- Yes what makes it to print is going to be slightly different, edited and in some cases, nothing like the story you see on here, but, this here is ground zero. A birthplace of ideas worth sharing. Stories that show you how people from different walks of life think. Our spaghetti on the wall. Like all information- ideas change as our understanding of it improves.

We are here to distribute information, stories, ideas. We are here to ask-

Do you see what I see?

In some places they refer to this as the 1st amendment right, here at Bantaa91 we just think that it’s nice to be heard.

The more voices that speak up, the more clarity we can offer. The more honest we are, the more trustworthy our work will be. So welcome to our soapbox on the corner of street, we hope to gather a large crowd and bathe in a sea of agreement or surf on the waves of chatter.