Eyes of Autumn


autumn leaves
brushed her curvaceous chests,
and gently crunched onto
her lips,
seared with breathing strawberries

wind rustled red,
like rosy cherries of
a banjolin:
as the smooth strands
of her moccasin
weave naked threads under the


romantic waters
bubbled between her purple breasts
and wilted to the thick
moans of my naked muscles..
virgin curves of her vertex,
smeared my thirst for her lips..


while her mulberry mouth
tongues the delicate dimples under
my waist,

painted wisps of
her feminine leaves
part between my soft sinews:
as her eye, two ripened melons
ripple between my breath
of mountain streams
and dissolve into the
dying constellations of her nakedness

she entwines
in the strings of my silk
and I drink the maple syrups
from her madrigal chest


we finally watched
the September stars
drift in the meadows of

autumn love..

– Yeshwant Sridhar