Hellbound (7)

My weary feet touched ground again,
returned to Earth at last.
The hunted was the hunter now,
for echoes of the past.

But where to find the traitorous,
who damned me into hell.
My purpose was for sweet revenge,
and serve it oh so well.

The demon king bestowed on me,
this final chance I sought.
Now to avenge my soiled name,
and earn the price I bought.

A fragrance of sulphuric ash,
a scent upon the breeze.
To track it to its source up here,
a trifle simple ease.

I hunted through the city streets,
my quarry through a door.
Until I came to stare upon,
a mirror, nothing more.

I studied my reflected face,
my eyes a vicious red.
Was then I realised too late,
the curse upon the dead.

The answer to my quest for blood,
was plain enough to see.
The one who owed for all he wrought,
the only one was me.

As I fell back into the pit,
I heard the demon roar.
“You fool, your mortal sinful soul,
is mine forevermore!”

– J.S.Worth