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If you are on this page you have been sent an invite to join the Bantaa91 team or have your content displayed on our website… or maybe you’re sneaky and found this link all by yourself. Clever cookie.

Congratulations and Welcome

Please be sure to leave your email address down below so that we may contact you about your submission or if there are any issues. Please note that not all submissions make it onto the website and need approval from a core contributor before it is scheduled to go online.

In any case, if you have a story, a poem, a photo, something that grinds your gears or have something to contribute- fill out the form below and we will happily take a look at it.




For more information about us, have a look around. We have a lovely little facebook page and Instagram as well. Our posts also go up on twitter too.



If you have multiple images you would like to add, you will have to email them. The above image uploader will only allow a single image that will be used as header on your post and show up on the bantaa grids.

As always and as stated in our privacy policy, any and all contributions are shortlisted for future publications of Bantaa-Zine and any other Bantaa related publications. Once content has been contributed, we hope that the little tag at the bottom of your post is attribution enough.

We will contact you if your submission makes it into the magazine but in 95% of cases it will make it onto the website. This website operates under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, basically: mi casa es su casa.