Partner in Crime

We share a deeper bond, I think,
when we are out abroad.
The love we have for touristry.
and building up our hoard.

We rob the world of mystery,
uncovered by our track.
Beholden to discovery,
we never once look back.

Souvenirs and memories,
are filling up our den.
By your side I’ll add some more,
you’ll never want again.

What wonders lay out there for us,
that we have yet to find?
Machu Picchu, Uluru,
awaiting us in kind.

Just say the word, I swear it babe,
I’d steal them just for you.
The Mona Lisa, Eiffel Tower,
the Christ Redeemer too.

Pyramids and monuments,
they’re ripe for us to take.
I’ll scoop the depths of Nessie’s Loch,
and Hillier’s pink lake.

New Zealand has some marvels too,
perhaps you may have heard.
Apart of course from Milford Sound,
we’ll nab that kiwi bird.

We’ll add each one; collect them all,
I’ll even make them rhyme.
Wherever would I be without,
our partnership in crime.